What is the significance of the name?

Eucalyptus represents our Aussie Chef Lauren, who came from down under and met.........


....Feco, who came from Hungary, and gave the other half of the name to Eastbourne newest Tea House!

The idea

They decided to open up a cafe, which was different to anything that was in Eastbourne. A place with large selection of loose leaf teas, so you could choose your favorite, or try something new, for example white, pure fruit, rooibos, or the beautiful blooming tea.

And to have a nice selection of cakes, like you have never tried before! Delicious homemade cakes from all around the world- actually from Australia and Hungary! :)

They are also passionate about a really decent cup of coffee. So they found a small coffee supplier, that sources it's coffee FAIRTRADE from South America , and bring it to Eastbourne to make your coffee a little bit special.


☎ 01323 649955

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